Feminine proper noun.
Déf 1. Persian word for existence.
Déf. 2. Renens-based digital communications agency.

Yes, we know. At first glance, we’re not sure how it’s pronounced 😅
It’s pretty simple, though: “vo-jood”. Or vɔʒud for linguists 🤓


It’s a bit like our jobs. People don’t really know what we do, but we do our best to help.

Always serious without taking ourselves too seriously, we offer companies of all sizes a personalized, tailor-made service in the fields of online marketing and communication. From strategy to results analysis, content creation, advertising and influencer campaign management, website and e-commerce design, SEO and SEA support, we’re here for you.


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Caring • Listening • Responsiveness • Flexibility • Originality • Creativity


As Forrest Gump’s momma always said,
you can tell a lot about people by looking at their shoes…

Wiam Firouzabadi

Founder & CEO

An emoji to describe you : 🤪

Your current movie and series  : Your Name & Ted Lasso

If you had to choose a superhero : Batman

If you had to write a biography, what would the title be : Hold-up

If you had to choose a sneaker model : Air Jordan 1 High

Christophe Robert-Nicoud

Communication and Digital Marketing Specialist

An emoji to describe you : 🤷‍♂️

Your current movie and series : Training Day & Godfather of Harlem

If you had to choose a superhero : Deadpool

If you had to write a biography, what would the title be: Try again

If you had to choose a sneaker model : Nike SB Dunk Low


Wiamedia is the agency’s playroom. A Tech, lifestyle and entertainment channel created by Wiam, it features press articles, unboxings and a host of other videos in the company of specialized columnists from the region.
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